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Goodcase Storage Container Ltd. strive for offering high-quality foldable steel containers to self storage businesses and moving services providers. As Canadian local supplier we offer convenient, prompt services that set us apart from the competition.
Our containers can be used as stationary self storage facility, portable storage container or mobile storage container. They can be used indoor or outdoor; and they are FOLDABLE, MOVEABLE and STACKABLE.


The foldable containers are flat packed on transportation, 12 units can be transferred on one truck from one site to another. This feature makes transportation more easily and affordably, which is a big saving compared to the traditional ones. They can be easily installed in around 20 minutes per unit,which can help to deal with emergencies, disasters instantly, and can help to expand your storage space immediately.

Thanks to the light weight skeleton steel design, they are strong and reliable, which brings them a long lasting life cycle of over 30 years. They can also be stacked up to three units high when fully loaded for greater warehouse utilization. With the waterproof and fire resistant feature, the container can be used conveniently both indoor and outdoor wherever you have some spare space.

The containers can transform into portable storage units with our removable wheel system. They can be easily delivered to customer's location and used as mobile storage.

Different designs can satisfy your special needs like extra storage, temporary home, field office, etc.

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